Chocolate with the smell of culture

Our Story

This is a peculiar and unique Sant Jordi legend that reappears every April 23 in Catalonia, , where the magic of red roses, with the scent of culture, permeates the entire territory.

And the guardians of the books go out into the street under the gaze of the protective dragons who, if you look carefully, watch from the roofs and gates of the gardens. the precious Catalan culture.


With more than 50 years dedicated to our passion, we have forged a solid bond of trust thanks to three generations of pastry chefs. Year after year, we strive to improve the quality of our products.

Our customers recognize and value our sensitivity and deep knowledge in the world of catering.

Our values ​​over the years and our experience are recognized by each of our customers who trust us day by day.

Our dedication is transformed into values







Our characters

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